Project Update

I have found that there are numerous books covering Lafayette Square.  I purchased one from the Decatur House.  I also was able to get in touch with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs historian.  They provided me with some pretty great pictures of the 800 block of Vermont Avenue and the Old Arlington Hotel that used to occupy the space before it was demolished and the current Department of Veterans Affairs government building built in it place.

Project Idea #2

I am playing with the idea of a different project out of a curiosity about what DC looked like in the early years of the cities construction.  For this i would concentrate on the area surrounding Lafayette Square.  There are several buildings from which i could chose to focus on.  I am leaning toward the Department of Veterans Affairs.  From what i have read the building used to be a hotel.  Whether the Arlington Hotel was torn down and replaced by the current building or just renovated, i am not sure at this point.  There are numerous other more renowned buildings in the vicinity of the square i could include as a broader aspect of the project, like the Dolly Madison House or the Decatur House or St. John’s Episcopal Church. In the long term, i would like to harness 3-D model rendering to display this, but for now with my amateur knowledge of web design and limited capabilities, i am going to try to track down early photo’s of the VA in 1916, when it was constructed.  In addition, i am going to try to find drawings of the area/land prior construction of the building, as well as possible photo’s drawings of the Arlington Hotel that existed in that place/plot of land.

Presidential Elections Research Resources

There are a couple of interesting websites i have browsed as possible sites to obtain information from for my project.  The sites are:

  • 270towin
  • Harp Weekly
  • Possibly the Library of Congress site (not sure what is there relative to elections)

I also have a book “Presidential Elections 1789-2004,” that will be a great reference.


One Response to Project

  1. CTEvans says:

    Your project ideas are a bit broad, and while you can keep that in mind for a larger, eventual project, you are going to want to focus here. I think that the easiest approach would be to do some work with data visualization, which we are eventually going to get to in the course. Now you’ve often seen the electoral college maps of elections, and probably also statistical charts of election breakdowns in terms of votes. I think what might be interesting would be some historical stats that focus on, for example, single states. For example, getting the stats on presidential elections in West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia from 1860 to the present and then visualizing that data and then interpreting it. That’s just one idea.
    Now, in that regard, where will you put your project? I think that the simplest approach would be just to create another simple page here on your blog and use that to house your project. This particular page, the “project” page would be for discussion of what you are doing. The other page, “Presidential Elections in blank,” would be the actual project.

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